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What can we do for you? We have no idea! We would not presume to prescribe a useful solution without first viewing the symptoms and having a conversation with you.

If your orchard was sick, who would you call? Would you call a tree surgeon? A hydrologist? A soil person? Probably none of these, because you're not sure where the problem is. Often, you can't see the orchard for the trees. This is where we help. We will be your orchardist, and co-develop a big-picture view of the system.

We'll look at your human network and your technical networks. We'll ask questions about communication, work flow, governance, and org charts. We'll develop an initial understanding of your working (business) processes. [Processes in this frame of reference are orchard-level flows and interfaces which describe how your humans interact with each other, how your systems interact with each other, and how you humans interact with your systems, in order to accomplish tasks and objectives.) We'll ask you about how you feel when you walk through the orchard, and talk to you about what we're seeing.

After collecting data and conversing together, we'll give you a diagnosis of the big picture, help you think about how to make sense of our observations, and talk about the next steps. We'll help you understand what the really important questions are for your organization, and where to do the asking. We'll talk with you about what kind of specialist to bring in--or if you should bring in anyone at all--and whether we can provide that person or give you a referral.

All referrals through ruptime.com are 100% confidential: we never disclose our client list; and individual consultants will not discuss what they have done in this capacity unless they have that in writing from the client. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, such as the IEEE Code of Ethics. So whether you are getting coaching or analysis for governance or just automation, and whether we propose organizational changes or just work on your website, presentation systems, or office automation, you can be confident that your plans and reputation are secure.

In addition to helping you co-develop a view of the system so that you can get the help you need, you can also be confident that we will not try to give you help that you don't need. We never try to up-sell, cross-sell, hard-sell, or whatever-sell other services. We are a part of this consulting community because we love the work and like to help people be successful, and not because we want to get rich by separating you from your money. We usually have "day jobs", sometimes have lives, and generally have a long list of organizations we'd like to help; so we do not try to give you what you don't need or what we shouldn't provide.

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