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We're in favor of privacy.  We're also in favor of laziness.  These two combined mean your privacy is pretty well protected on our website.  We don't collect info about you or use cookies.  (Truthfully, cookies irritate the bejeepers out of us.)  Our webhosting service collects whatever info Apache logs usually record, but we don't ever bother to look at them--we have much better things to do.

The only reason you will ever be contacted by us is if you fill out a form or send us e-mail asking for information or otherwise initiating the contact.  And any such information we collect will be used only by us--never sold or shared.  (And probably not kept somewhere that it can be hacked and stolen.)

The only thing we hate more than cookies (especially ones with white chocolate) is spam.  If you ever think you got spam from us, then someone is forging our address:  help us track them down by forwarding the message (with complete headers) to abuse @[Please remove the spaces from the address.]  We will send complaints to the appropriate authorities.  (If we sue them successfully with your help and collect millions of dollars, we'll give you a cut.  Honest.)

By the way, while the 90 seconds we spent writing this statement was marginally amusing, we know there is a generic "compliant" privacy statement.  If you have the URL for it, please send it to us at webmaster @[Please remove the spaces from the address.]  Thanks.

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