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About Us

ruptime.com is the web presence of the Ruptime community, a virtual systems consultancy, focusing on technical systems, human systems, and the synergy (or lack thereof) between them. The consultants who share in this community come together with some common values and beliefs about systems, organizations, and clients, and share in a desire to make a difference in organizations that are making a difference.

As a learning community, we are defined by, and operate out of, what we have learned. We have learned that your system is designed to produce the result that it's getting. We've learned that only by focusing on the forest can you really understand what you're seeing when you look at the trees. We've learned that changing the trees seldom changes the forest because human organizational systems tend to be self-correcting. We've learned how to help you grow your forest (and increase tree satisfaction) through systems thinking. And we've learned how to think about the right questions to ask, and facilitate you answering them for yourself so that learning takes place in (and stays in) your organization.

The Ruptime community was founded in 2002 by Raymond Lockley, our Principal and webmaster, as a medium for giving back to the community. Raymond has worked in a wide variety of organizational sizes and settings, including aerospace, high tech, services, non-profits, and education. He holds an M.A. in Management from John F. Kennedy, and an M.Div. from Boston University.

There are no Ruptime employees. The community is a confederation of consultants (most of whom have "day jobs") who handle their own contracts, set their own rates ,and select their own projects. ruptime.com exists to help organizational leaders reach out to the community, and the community will help connect you with resources and vouch for the professionalism, ethics, and character of a consultant.

Healthy systems, healthy organizations.Your system is designed to produce the result that it's getting. If you want better results out of your trees, let us help you look at your forest!

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